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​For creators and writers with material that deals with unfamiliar issues

and characters with different backgrounds than their own,

Marisa will ensure their story is told in an honest and authentic way - allowing

your story to soar without restricting or alienating potential producers, collaborators and viewers.


Marisa was recently featured in FORBES for her work with Final Draft

on their new Diversity and Inclusion software. 


Marisa is an advocate for social justice and arts in education as well as a body positive influencer.

She has recently earned certificates and credits for her studies in Social Justice,

Moral Philosophy and Constitutional Law.

Marisa chronicles her own personal struggles and triumphs with weight and body image in her BLOG.

"Everything we think we need from an outside source, whether it’s another person or our very own bodies,

lives inside of us. The moment I recognized this, my perspective slowly began to shift.

So slowly that I didn’t know anything was different until, one day, I woke up and realized I loved myself.

Not fully and not unconditionally, not yet, but I loved myself. I’m still on the journey

but I’ve found myself on the other side of a huge hurdle, finally.

My hope is that this story will help others like me climb over their hurdle and begin to love themselves too."



"The truth is, I wouldn't have the fierce loyalty to and love for my body

I have now if I hadn't been constantly berated for how I looked.

Nothing can make me lose the love I found for myself

because I've worked so hard to get here."



Marisa has performed on Broadway in Matilda as well as in the National Tour of Billy Elliot. She's been seen on television in shows such as Mr. Robot (USA), God Friended Me (CBS) and Friends Of The People (TruTV). She is currently the voice of Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island on POKEMON, her character spans multiple seasons.

Marisa got her start in the arts when, at age four, she tried to throw her little brother

in the garbage can. Her parents put her in dance as a means to release

her extra energy and the rest is history.

She was named Top 10 Seattle's Best Tapper and won the coveted scholarship to dance at Edge, LA for free when she was just a teenager.

Her brother has forgiven her and they get along very well.

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Marisa has participated in The Playmaking Show as an actor with the youth organization 52nd Street Project.


She has also had the opportunity to teach for Lincoln Center Education, The Joffrey Ballet School and Broadway Classroom. This has involved teaching music and dances inspired by current Broadway shows as well as teaching songs from the 60's to young people who then perform with the original singers from The Cookies, The Jaynettes, Reparata and The Delrons and more.


Marisa was named the 2016 Spotlight Artist for the charity Music For Autism and continues to spearhead concerts for autistic children in the New York City area.

She was also the resident choreographer for a black box theatre on the west coast for two years and has been teaching tap for a decade.